Purecharm Sweet spring floral scent whitening Roller

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Deodorant eliminates your underarm odor give you more confidence with fresh smelling perfume from Sweet spring and various flowers. Enriching with organic Citrofresh and witch hazel, it minimizes pore size and reduces the bacteria that cause unpleasant body odors. In addition , it consists of vitamin B3 which can whiten your skin when regularly used.

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  • Product ID : 00008
  • Name :Purecharm Sweet spring floral scent whitening Roller
  • Brand : Pure Charm
  • Quantity : 50 ml.
  • Production of Country : Thailand


Product for eliminating the smell from underarm which contains the smell of European aromatic flower , can help to reduce the body's smell that coming from the smell of damp-sweat at the underarm . It is rich with natural  extracts , i,e, vitamin B3 and natural AHA which will mildly help to replace  the cells of the underarm 's skin, After use the product regularly and continuously , the underarm skin will look clearly bright and your pores will become smaller which you can feel the change .

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Purecharm Sweet spring floral scent whitening Roller

Turn down the bottle for a few minutes and then roll under the arms. Suitable for all skin types To help slow down the sweat and deodorant.