Vaara lifestyle: Relaxation asana routine

Relaxation – is a process of deep muscle relaxation, which helps to relieve mental stress caused by different stressful situations that surround the modern human being. Popular opinion states that the best way to relax is to sit with a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of wine – but that’s absolutely not true. Moreover, these types of ‘relaxation’ lead the human body not to rest, but on the contrary, stimulation. Yoga, on the other hand, teaches us to relax and penetrate into the sphere of the subconsious of our mind.

BeYoga studio instructor Dhidjish with his student Kseniya demonstrate an asana routine for relaxation. About his method of teaching yoga, Dhidjish says: “I love to communicate with people, teach them yoga, and observe how people grow and change in the course of their training. My teaching style is a combination of soft while at the same time, challenging asanas, concentrating on balance and the coordination of the body, breath, and mind.”

We are thankful to BeYoga for their assistance in shooting.

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