Luxury Sweet spring set

Luxury Sweet spring set

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1.Pure charm Moment of Radiance Sweet spring Floral Scent whitening Body Lotion

2.Pure Charm Moment of Happiness sweet spring Floral Scent Body&Hair Cologne Spray day long.

3.Pure Charm sweet spring Floral Scent whitening Roller

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  • Product ID : 00000
  • Name : Pure Charm Sexy Scent Attractive Non Stop Box set
  • Brand : Pure Charm
  • Quantity : 1 Box
  • Production of Country : Thailand


Pure Charm Sexy Scent Attractive deodorant Non Stop
Product for eliminating your body’s smell which contains the mixture of concentrated Pheromone phelotion, can kill your body’s smell immediately after you apply it to your skin. It will increase your aromatic sexy charming and help to attract sex appeal. It will also upgrade your feminine charming and the smell will last long time – for the whole day. The product contains a lot of natural enriching extracts. After using continuously, your underarm will look clearly bright and your pores will become smaller which you can feel the change.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Pure Charm Sexy Scent Attractive lotion Non Stop
A touch of glamourous charming with Pheromone phelotion can increase your tempted sexy charm. It will upgrade your sex appeal to attract the uncontrollable feeling. Pheromone can add to your feminine charming similar to the charming of Queen Cleopatra by the lasting aromatic for the whole day. Moreover, it will help enriching your skin to become clear and bright by various natural extracts, i.e. Vitamin B3 , Coenzyme Q10 , Vitamin C , Aloevera and Organic Argan Oil. After use Pheromone regularly and continuously, your skin will naturally be healthy, silky smooth, clear and bright.                                                                                                                                                         Pure Charm Sexy Scent Attractive spray Non Stop
Pheromone aromatic-spray will help to increase your body’s aromatic smell and add to your tempted sexy charming. It will upgrade your sex appeal to attract the uncontrollable feeling. Pheromone can increase your feminine enchantment from your hair until to your toe.It contains a lot of Nano Vitamin C , Vitamin E and Organic Oil from various natural plants which will absorb into your skin quickly and will help to make your skin and your hair to become silky smooth and smell charming aromatic – lasting for the whole day.

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